Colorful Business

Business success is defined by recognition, allegiance and returning customers. Your customers not only like your products and services but like your brand, can identify with it and tell their friends and colleagues about your business. Key to recognition is a distinct brand and identity that separates your from your peers in the industry. Successful brands have a logo that is easily recognisable and most often has a distinct color scheme. Think Google and its use of primary colors. Think McDonalds and you’re almost certainly thinking of red and yellow.

If you think your brand is lacking in color, then your customers are definitely thinking that. It’s therefore time to think of color copy services and how these can redefine your brand with color. Once you have your brand color scheme in place it is time to filter the scheme down to all your business stationary and marketing material. And this where you can use the experts offering color printing services.

Your nearest print store, such as Guru Printers, is very likely to offer a range of color print services to bring color to business needs. You will of course want to start with your marketing material so that a common color scheme is present from your brand through to all other material used to convince potential customers to buy your products or use your services. Your flyers will want to have the right color scheme to attract attention and link to your brand. If you have a large product offering and use catalogues to tell customers what you have for sale, then you will want to use color printing services. You may decide to highlight product attributes and distinguishing qualities to set your products apart from those of your competitors. You may want to use color to distinguish the different product categories that you offer. You could also use color to highlight successes of the business in your annual reports or brochures you hand out to stakeholders.

Once you have established color in your marketing material, you will want to bring it in-house to your stationary needs. This will encourage identity and loyalty amongst your employees. Use color print services for your letterheads and notepads used by staff. Even your business cards say something about attention to detail so makes sure you use your nearest print store for the printing of your business cards in the colors of your brand.

Don’t neglect staff presentations either. Those hand-outs you give to staff as accompaniments to presentations should be paid similar detail to your presentations themselves. Use color to highlight successes or challenges. Use color in your graphs to make them more interpretable and clear. Again your nearest print store has the know-how and expertise to assist you in the best use of color in all these needs and to print off high quality, professional material you and your staff will be proud of.

Isn’t it time you made your business a colourful business. Use color printing services at Guru Printers to bring color back into your business and get noticed.

Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers