The Types Of Teak Dining Chairs To Choose

Teak dining chairs are certainly the number one choice when it comes to the seating option in dining room. Teak is literally the strongest type of wood to select as the material of all furniture, including dining chair. If you are now looking for a new dining chair and want it to be made out of teak, here is the information you need to know about it.

The Most Popular Types of Teak Dining Chairs

There are numerous types of teak wood furniture dining chairs made out of teak wood. Each of them has its own design, uniqueness, and usage. If you have no idea what type of teak dining chairs that you are going to buy, here is the detailed explanation about each type so that you can decide which one suits your dining room the most.

  1. Teak Arm Dining Chair

Arm dining chair made out of teak is completed with arm rest on each side. It creates a formal, old-fashioned look for the chair. If you choose this type of chair, make sure that your dining room is large. These teak chairs with arms are usually larger in size and won’t fit in a small dining room because everything will not be comfortable at the end.

  1. Teak Side Dining Chair

Side chair is armless. It is usually completed with more casual design. It does not have complicated crafting nor upholstered cushion on it. If you like something simple, this type of chair is going to be your choice. The beautiful grain and dazzling color from the teak wood alone is enough to make the chair looks appealing. Side teak dining chairs do not need any complicated decoration to elevate the beauty of the chair.

  1. Teak Parsons Dining Chair

Parsons chair is for those who love high-fashion. This type of dining chair is all about appearance. The design of the chair is usually very clean and speaks contemporary. The teak is going to be used to create the whole structure of the chair. However, most parsons dining chairs are upholstered on the seat and back, usually with leather or linen.

  1. Teak Upholstered Dining Chair

Upholstered dining chair is usually for those who have dining room with theme. To match the dining room with the particular theme of the room, the teak dining chairs around the table is going to be covered or upholstered with fabric to match the color scheme of the dining room. The teak wood is still noticeable as the main component of the chair because the legs of the chairs are usually left uncovered.

Those are some of the most popular dining chair types made out of teak wood. It does not matter which type you choose. As long as it is made out of teak, you would know for sure that the chair is going to last for a long time. Teak does not rot so easily. They are dense and durable, thus enhancing the strength of teak dining chairs for years to come.

Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers