How Should I Test A Drug? By Labs Or At Home!

Nowadays people are getting the freedom of performing tests involving any drugs by themselves using drug test kits. Still many people do not like the idea of buying the drug test kits and they consider hospitals the right way to do it and are willing to spend money on clinic tests and hospitals. This article presents some differences between hospital drug testing and testing by using a drug test kit from the market or online stores, which can make you understand that having a drug test kit at your place is not bad at all;


Versatility of drug test types to choose from:

There are a variety of options to choose from when you are looking at the catalogues of drug test kits. There are separate kits using urine samples, blood samples, and saliva or hair samples. The only difference lies with the detection times. Blood sample requiring kits can give the most accurate results and urine can take loner times to detect the presence. You can choose a drug kit with the minimum detection times if you use saliva testing kits for alcohol testing. Hence the flexibility of choice is commendable compared to laboratory testing where you have to obey what a doctor says.

Being able to limit expenditure:

By going to the laboratory for any type of test, the cost of the test will include the cost of laboratory testing in most cases whether it is required or not. An advantage with drug test kits is that you do not have to spend the money on your petrol for going to hospital and coming back always. Drug test kits require the samples to be sent to labs only if the result comes out to be positive, and in case of negative result, your cost of laboratory testing is saved.


How exact are they?

You can have the idea about the accuracy of results presented by a drug test kit from its working procedure and if it cleared by organizations such as FDA. These are often used many government companies, employers, medical institutions, public schools, private security companies, homeless shelters etc. giving a clear indication of the usefulness of their results. There are 2 regions of testing such as control region and test region. One coloured band appears in case of positive results and 2 colours for negative, ensuring that the strips are working with accuracy.

Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers