Secrets To Finding A Great Painting Contractor

Whether it is your office or home, appearance matters a lot. You will be happy with a well painted home that looks up to date or a business premises that is well branded. This means that you need to get the services of a great painting contractor like Orlando Painting Company. Here are some secrets to finding a great painting contractor.

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Proof of insurance

Many painting contractors will claim to have insurance in order to get more clients but only a few actually have the amount of insurance they are talking about. A good painting contractor will show proof of insurance by giving the clients a copy of his/her insurance policy.

Will never ask for a deposit

It is common practice for many small businesses in the service industry to request for deposit. Many do not have enough working capital to buy the materials needed to complete one particular project. Great painting professionals will never ask for deposit as they are well established and have enough resources to complete a project before getting paid for it.

They go an extra mile

A great painting contractor is  more than willing to go an extra mile with their customers. Customers are the most important resources that any given business has. Great contractors go an extra mile to provide their clients with free color try-on, professional consultations. They are also able to advise you on the type of paint that you require as well as what you are likely to spend for any particular painting job. They also give free power washing.

Professional and detailed quotes

You will know that you are working with a great painting contractor like an Orlando painting company with the kinds of quotes that you get from them.  The quotes include everything about the work to be done on a site.  Some of the details that you will get in the quotes include tax ID, relevant product warranties as well as a work warranties.  In the quotes of a great contractor you will find a letter head. The quote is professionally presented and is typed.

Getting a good painting contractor is a plus for any company that needs painting services. If all these factors are taken into consideration when looking for a great painting contractor, then the chances of hiring a top painting contractors like Orlando Painting Company are possible. The search for a good painting professional is made much easier by the internet

Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers