A Personal Training in Photography from True Masters

I sat down for around thirty minutes with John, and I noticed we’d a great deal in keeping: a love for photography graphic arts and travel as we spoke. John asked me to contact him to set up a trip at his business a later date so he’d have the ability to show me his work.

Steve often focusses on new photography, as well as uses specific equipment, for example, pinhole Camera Lucida and infrared video to attain specific effects which he shows to his workshop participants. Among his favorite pictures of Havana was of the number of college-age kids who have been skating within the ocean off the Malecon in Havana. These were still considering one another, a picture that advised John of the frieze in a Greek drama once they arrived off the water.

Over the last five years he used many weeks every winter within this fascinating place, and has began to learn Cuba. In only a couple of days (February 2) John is going to be making for Cuba again: to operate the “Cuba Occasionally” Photography Workshop and Visit. This five-day tour will require individuals to Havana where they’ll spend three times using pictures of numerous historical areas of the town such as the Cementario Colon where the students may practice infrared photography.

From there the team may move ahead towards the French colonial town of Cienfuegos, then to historical Trinidad de Cuba where they’ll spend two-and-a-half days. Before time for Havana, the team will even spend the 2nd largest town about the area two times in Santiago de Cuba along with a former capital of the nation. Options may occur to image structure, areas and special occasions for example dance and flamenco shows.

During the last several years, John Dowding has created a powerful link with Cuba, and he explained he desired to “make it happen prior to the Americans”. He could not think his eyes while he came in Havana for that first-time, the fascination and appeal were quick. David and that I mentioned a town we both know, Havana. To investigate the town, John used a group of local carriage drivers, who have been really a nurse as well as a health care provider. The same as John, I discovered quickly the tourist industry is a lot more profitable for that residents than exercising their careers. Operating like a waitress, tourguide or cab driver allows Cubans to create in a single time a multiple of the typical regular earnings around $8 to $25 (monthly!).

And this group released him to 1 of the very fascinating cities within the New World and of doctors operating a horse carriage for visitors turned his tour guides. The fascination hasn’t left and John continues to be to Havana, which he calls “a town in a period warp”, many times during the last several years. He’ll operate another picture visit to Cuba to 15 from April 6. Through the same organization (Cuba Si Trips) John will require another number of photography enthusiasts to Tuscany later this season, a place to which John relates as you of the cradles of the Western world, truly so far as art history can be involved.

Following this impressive discussion I fixed to view him a couple of days later at his personal business to be able to capture him before his departure for Cuba and left John to complete his mussels. After my appointment with Paul and Steve, the owners of Support The Heart B&B, I went to John Dowding’s home on the peaceful historical side-street within the Beach.

John’s business is undergoing reconstruction, so a number of his pictures were packed away. But I had been able to see many examples of his distinctive art, including a few examples of his “PreCambrian” photo collection. John explained he spent sometime in a buddy’s pad on Georgian Bay, so that as he fed the bass he found beautifully colored striated stones which make up the Canadian shield. Also known as the Pre-Cambrian Shield, this historic geological formation may be the planet’s biggest section of open ‘shield’ rock. The rock formations day back towards the Precambrian Period, between 3.5 to 4 million years back, well before living beings actually appeared with this world. The old stones include beautifully striped colored and twisted structures.

Along with traditional photography and regular electronic, John uses infrared video, especially in conditions that have a fairly unique atmosphere, for instance, cemeteries, for them. He showed me two examples of this kind of gear – pinhole cameras basically contain an easy wooden box without any contact. The shutter is basically a hole within the container that requires to become subjected personally ending and by starting an address above the opening. Within the package is just a move of 120 films. He got one on his first trip with him to Havana in 2002 and contains become his favorite device since.

Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers