5 Common Dog Care Misconceptions

Let’s face it, we don’t always know everything there is to know about raising our pets. This is why we often find ourselves asking our local dog trainer or dog Behaviourist. When it comes to caring for our dogs, even long-time dog owners still have some basic misconceptions. These are often passed down through generations by family and friends and it’s time we debunk them.

Let’s take a look at 7 common dog care misconceptions that we have all been guilty of at one time or another:

It’s Acceptable To Adopt A Very Young Puppy- adopting a very young puppy may not be such a good thing. Experts recommend that puppies should remain with their mothers for at least 12 weeks. The longer your puppy stays with his mother, the more temperamentally stable he will be.

Dogs Should Get Annual Booster Shots- over-vaccinating your adult dogs could actually impair their immune system. It is better to ask the vet, whether it’s necessary to give your dog annual booster shots. Often, dogs remain healthy if they are well-fed, have ample physical exercise and get enough rest. In many cases, giving booster shots every two or three years is adequate.

Homemade Dog Food Is Always Safer And Healthier- many dog owners think that commercial pet food products are riskier and may potentially cause long-term health problems. In reality, improperly made homemade dog food can be harmful to your dog.

Beef Bones And Rawhides Are Completely Safe- many owners give their dogs knuckle bones, because they don’t easily splinter. This is because dogs can swallow sharp pieces of bone that may puncture their intestinal and stomach wall. Although rawhide is safer, it can still be risky. Your dog may swallow a piece of rawhide which can cause intestinal blockage.

Old Dogs Won’t Learn New Tricks- dogs are smart and they don’t stop learning when they achieve adulthood. If you regularly train your dog, he is well conditioned to learn new tricks, regardless of the age. In fact, it can be easier to train older dogs, because they are more mature and won’t be distracted as easily.

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Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers